The OMArS product range includes virtually the entire range of towing and road rescue vehicles. The flagship product is so-called ROTATORS, i.e. heavy wrecker equipped with a rotary crane. These highly specialized road rescue vehicles come in four variants and the parameters of each of them are the best in class among products from around the world.

Heavy wreckers are available in five versions for 2, 3 and 4 axle chassis, one of which is intended as a swap body for a truck tractor.

Hydraulic platforms come in several dozen varieties, made of steel or aluminum, equipped with a crane that extends from the platform, a towing boom, many winches and many other options.

City small wreckers have been a very popular solution in recent years. The development of multi-storey buildings and, consequently, multi-storey car parks have made these vehicles perfectly suited to their role. Many innovative solutions, incl. Quick and automatic fork opening or the boom self-leveling system depending on the ground inclination angle, combined with an exceptionally well-balanced chassis, make OMArS city small wrecker one of the best in the market.

A separate branch of production are atypical vehicles that are build to suit many wishes of the market.

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