VDZ Hefsystemen B.V. produces an advanced system which is made to simplify the salvaging and towing of trucks.

From 2013 VDZ Hefsystemen B.V. is active in the production and supply of towing equipment to mainly towing companies and suppliers of towing trucks. For VDZ Hefsystemen the road safety of the people / salvage companies who work with a recovery truck at the roadside on a daily basis is of the highest importance.VDZ

The VDZ system has been developed in practice by Johan van der Zand in Buren. Together with Ruud Erven and Jasper Wijnschenk, the components of VDZ have been turned into a high-quality tool. Parts made to customer specifications, but also the supply of salvage material such as wheel adapters, chains, ropes, lifting straps, etc. is no exception for VDZ.

Over the years VDZ parts have been further developed, both in terms of safety and certification. VDZ Hefsystemen is experiencing enormous growth. There are now dealers in Europe and even far beyond who represent the VDZ system.

In June 2020 VDZ Hefsystemen B.V. moves from Buren to Tiel and Johan van der Zand hands over the responsibility to Ruud Erven who has been closely involved in the development of the VDZ system from the beginning. From our new address in Tiel, the work will continue in exactly the same way as you would expect from us.


Mail website of VDZ www.vdzsystemen.nl

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